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"The mark of a great coach is that they not only help guide you to places you’re wanting help to get to, but they do it in a way that ensures that you don’t end up being the same person you were, when you get there, as you when you started on the trip.

Specifically, you really want a coach/mentor to be someone that helps you release yourself from the limits of your thoughts and past experiences in a way that helps you discover the undiscovered territory your Spirit perpetually wants you to explore that keeps you continually surrendering into your brilliance, your power, and your highest good. Michelle Frieswyk-Johnson is masterful at doing just that. In working with her, she helped me achieve all that. While she is extremely knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of coaching, I needed the kind of shifts and results that were going to really take me so far out of my comfort zones that were giving me years of unsatisfying levels of growth and change. I thought it was about my business (I’ve been a Life Coach for 14 years) and taking that to new levels. I’d forgotten that my business is, ideally, simply a reflection of the best of what I have - and am willing – to offer, but I was not in touch with what that best really was. In my time of working with Michelle, she helped me re-connect to the much deeper, more important core elements of who I am, what I am really here to give as my gifts to Life, and then helped me create structures and new ways of operating that have taken my practice to new levels of success that have only been dreams in the past. More importantly, she’s helped me remember who I really am, what I really wanted, and how it ought to feel to be living that as fully as I’m willing to dare. As a result of that, I have broken free of many of the limits and impediments that have kept me successful, yes, but not satisfied and not operating at the level I dreamt I was capable of. Michelle did this with firm, compassionate, and loving fierceness...she doesn’t let anything slip by, she doesn’t deny you the opportunity to see where you’re being misled by your own inner fears and baloney, and she also gives you coaching that is practical, straight forward, and wise...with a heartfulness that’s inspirational. If you want to reach new levels of reclaiming your inner power, your greatness, and your heart, Michelle is the person to help you take yourself there. "

Geoff Laughton

"When I graduated, I was told that it would take me 3-5 years to build my private practice.

I didn't have 3-5 years worth of savings to live off of so I was pretty scared! I decided that couldn't be true, and set a goal of building my practice in 6-12 months. I went to all of the therapists and coaches in the community whom I thought were successful, and I interviewed all of them to see how they built their success, in hopes that I could lay out a map for myself. Out of all my interviews, I found that I wanted to follow Michelle's way over anyone else's, and ended up using her guidance for 80% of my practice building. I succeeded in building my practice in the time I set out to build it in and now I'm completely full with all of my ideal clients!

Michelle is my mentor for all things business. The thing I like the most about her is she integrates the fundamental importance of one's interior relationship with success. Anyone can have a marketing and business plan, (and Michelle's is the best I've seen) but without doing one's interior work, success is only an idea, not an embodied state of being."

-Alyson Schwabe PC Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO; www.AlysonSchwabe.com; 303.960.7917

"I took the Creating an Abundant Practice workshop as soon as I graduated from massage school, and it was amazing...

...for me because it gave me a sense of direction and helped me to define what my practice was to become. During the workshop I worked on clearing the limiting belief systems that I had around abundance so that I was able to be clear about my hearts vision and intentions. I left the class with a great business plan and many helpful tools that I am still using to grow my business. I am happy to report that almost all of my business goals have been reached, and I continue to hold my work and life in a space of gratitude and abundance."

- Sherrie Freville, CMT, body_wizdom@yahoo.com;

“I just want to say thank you for your invaluable workshop and continued consults.

The work with you has increased the size of my practice. Your ideas from the workshop are a regular part of my business strategy. I appreciate your business sense, practical skills and spiritual foundation. Your workshop has paid for itself many times over.“

- Sherry Greenwald, LCSW

“What I most appreciate about Michelle is that she truly "walks the walk."

She has worked her magic in creating her own successful practice, and is committed to seeing you do the same. Michelle's loving presence and thorough attention to detail make this class a MUST for anyone ready to take the leap into establishing a private practice. She is passionate about this work, and will inspire you!”

- Kathy Cornelius Smith, MA, LPC

“I hired Michelle during the initial phase of opening my private practice office.

Her ideas and enthusiasm were instrumental in shaping the business aspects of my practice. The steps she helped me to create to market my practice have also been instrumental in my success. Since beginning to market my practice, four months ago, I am well on my way to having my desired client load. I highly recommend her, as she has the rare combination of being a highly skilled clinician as well as a successful business woman.”

- Kristin Russell, PhD, 393-926-5239

"I am one of the owners of Colorado Therapies in Boulder, Colorado.

We hired Michelle to facilitate our center's communication forum for our organization which is made up of over 20 professional therapists of various modalities. So, I was concerned to find someone who had the expertise and professionalism to 'counsel the counselors' at our center. Michelle was extremely adept at reading our groups needs, the level of communication expertise, and to draw out the practitioners while deepening our community's experience and connection. We were extremely impressed with her abilities, empathy and professionalism. I think any professional organization would benefit from Michelle's talents. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me "

- Dawn Larson: www.coloradotherapies.com

"Attending Michelle's workshop gave me the boost I needed to begin growing my private practice as a psychotherapist.

Her solid business sense and support in helping me manifest my practice has gotten me to where I am today. Michelle's attitude is fresh and dynamic and her approach contagious. I highly recommend this workshop!"

- Susan Denison, LCSW

"Michelle Frieswyk-Johnson walks her talk and is a role model and example of a therapist who has successfully marketed her skills ...

... and gifts into a successful psychotherapy practice. Michelle's own success in marketing has given her a strong confidence and belief in her marketing techniques and plan. This confidence shined through when I received coaching from Michelle. Michelle's sensitive, warm, and spiritual style of coaching provided me with the sense of security and confidence that I needed to face my fear of marketing and to successfully market my own skills and gifts. Along with providing the emotional support that I needed to access my strength and gifts and to find my marketing niche, Michelle gave me many practical and effective tools for marketing my skills. I enthusiastically recommend Michelle to any therapist or clinician who wants to transform their fear of marketing into confidence, potency, and success."

- Teaching Heart, Tom McSheehy MSW, LSW http://teachingheart.com



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