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Michelle Frieswyk Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist. She specializes in parent coaching, teens and individuals. She maintains a thriving private practice in Historic Downtown Louisville, Colorado.

Michelle has been serving the mental health field in a variety of capacities since 1988. Her clinical experience includes residential and day treatment, individual, family and group therapy. Michelle has worked for institutions such as Longmont Child, Adolescent, Family Services of Boulder County Mental Health, The Menninger Foundation, Bethesda PsycHealth, and Charter Hospital of Denver. Additionally, Michelle has been a facilitator of drug and alcohol classes at the Boulder County Public Health Department. She has also been a teaching assistant for the Human Development and Family Systems course at Naropa University in the Contemplative Psychology Masters Program. Michelle received her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Kansas and her Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.

Professional Coaching

In May 2002, I graduated from Naropa University with my Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. The following month, I opened my private practice. Within 9 months, I had a 99% cash paying client load. I had created my dream private practice and I was loving my professional path. Because of my wild success, several practitioners began seeking my counsel. I began passionately sharing my personal experience of how I was creating abundance in my life. As I shared the details of what was both spiritually and practically manifesting for me, a new vision began to illuminate its self. Creating An Abundant Private Practice™ workshop is the outgrowth of my personal and professional learning's. While I initially created my workshop with psychotherapists as my target audience, it has since grown to serve other healing practitioners and small business owners. Likewise, my coaching clients span the healing professions from psychologists, massage therapists, social workers, energy workers to acupuncturists.

My professional path continues to unfold as I deepen my personal understanding of what it means to genuinely live from abundance. As a coach, I see my role as assisting clients to clarify his/her visions, rediscover his/her inspiration and begin to live and work from his/her personal commitment to living abundantly. Simply said, becoming a Professional Coach has been a natural synthesis of my clinical training as a psychotherapist, my keen business skills and my personal commitment to my ongoing spiritual growth. I have a motto I live by mindfully, and it reads: “If I am to be away from those I love, I must LOVE what I am doing.” In essence, my work will be emotionally, mentally, spiritually nourishing and profitable.


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